The Selection – Kiera Cass

Kiera Cass

Kiera Cass

This is going to be about the entire series, The Selection, The Elite, and The One.



I have to honestly admit how surprised how different I thought this book would be. I originally thought it was going to be one of the Matched/Delirium type of books *sigh* but it was actually one of my favourite series of this year, joining first place with the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi. It starts off well, but then when you fist meet Maxon you know you will regret ever having a crush on Aspen. Maxon is so cute and sweet and hilarious and I would 100% join The Selection if it meant marrying him.


America: Despite how much I liked her character, I really wanted to slap her. How obvious can it get that you are IN LOVE WITH MAXON NOT ASPEN. Oh dear. I really wanted to scream in her face (but she is fictional).

Aspen: Is like Adam from Shatter Me. I started of loving him, and ended up hating him. He starts off really cute, and then in the end it’s like GO AWAY ASPEN.

Maxon: He is so perfect and I’m so happy when him and America got together I was dancing around.


This book gives you a lot of feels. It really gets to you and stabs you right in the heart/soul. I wanted to cry all the way through it. When I got to the bit in The One where America confessed her undying love for Prince Maxon I legitimately thought I was going to cry or scream. Kiera really understands the way people fall in love, but she also knows how to make characters rip your heart out and yell sarcastically at it.

– Anna

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