Shatter Me – Tahereh Mafi

(This is a round up of the entire series, not just this book)



I just finished this series and I am speechless.

By Tahereh Mafi

By Tahereh Mafi

Everyone needs to read this series its phenomenal.


Holy cow. The story starts (In Shatter Me) in one of my favourite settings for a book. A mental asylum. Don’t even ask why, but I love the loss of dialogue and how you just just see into every detail of the characters thoughts, without them hiding behind anything or worrying about anything cliché. The story moves on to when we meet Adam and so on, which is great and all that. The story really kicks off in Unravel Me (the second book). Its where you fully meet Warner and just all of your emotions get mixed around and blew up. All through Unravel Me, I was just on the edge of my seat. Ignite Me, however, was bloody damn amazing. This book just gets you thinking so much. I was shocked and mind blown and every emotion.


Juliette: She is one of the most relatable characters I have ever read of. She has different personality perks that almost everyone can relate to. She doesn’t fit into her on skin, she is confused, she doesn’t know what to do about relationship problems. She is like a teenage goddess.

Adam: Adam is a funny character for me, as he started off as such a good character, and everyone was in love with him (especially Juliette), but then near the end of the series I was like *sigh* ‘Shut up Adam no one cares what you think.” I think this was really good how Tahereh managed to change my opinion of a character so quickly.

Aaron/Warner: This brings us to Warner. I take Drama for a GCSE, and not too long ago I was asked to do a performance based on the statement, ‘There is a thin line between love and hate.” This basically sums up Aaron for me. At the beginning he was a massive ass to everyone and he was annoying and argh, but then 100% of my love was directed towards him at the end.

Kenji: He is probably one of my favourite characters I have ever read. His comments were fantastic and he got me laughing out loud. I loved his cocky-ness and in all honesty he reminded me slightly of a character called ‘William Herondale’ who I know we are all familiar with, so that is a massive perk in a character. He was a great best friend, and he was really well thought about.


The writing was amazing, the way she wrote the book and the chapters was exceptionally figured out. The worst thing I think you can have in a book is over usage of cliché, and I didn’t sense any at all in this book. Tahereh Mafi is exceptional, and my golly her books are phenomenal.

Btw I cried in Ignite Me (I don’t normally cry when reading books)

– Anna

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