The Iron Trial: Magisterium – Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

In September, me and three other friends (Roman, Vato and Rachel) went to the Cassandra Clare and Holly Black book signing for the Iron Trial: Magisterium. We got a copy of the book and got to look at different drawings of the characters and the book trailer. It was really fun!

After that, we all promised to read the book together, but it really didn’t end up that way. Vato finished the book first, within a week, Rachel hasn’t yet started reading it, as she is reading the Heroes of Olympus, and Roman’s reading speed is like a snail and is on chapter 13 currently, and he is in the middle of reading Clockwork Prince. I was reading Jessica Sorensen’s books, so I started as soon as I had finished the Violet and Luke series, which was about three-four days ago. I finished it last night.


It is a middle-grade book, so I wasn’t expecting Cassie to go all long-word-and-complicated-storyline on me, but I was surprised with how long it took me to be actually interested in the book. It was a big jump for me going from 16-19 ¬†YA books to 9-12 children’s books. It was sort of painful. One of the main parts in a book for me is how the author(s) manage to fit in romance, and I was surprised that they didn’t fit any in at all (I know they are 12 and all that but still). I gave this three out of five stars on goodreads.


Call: Call was hilarious, and being a grumpy teenager myself, I related to him slightly.

Tamara: She got on my nerves, seeing as she was go goody goody, but she got better during the end.

Aaron: I liked Aaron, but his reaction to everything was always annoying.


The writing was good, but I still found it difficult getting into it. The big twist at the end of the book was surprising and fascinating, and I as curious how they will continue the suspense in the next books.

– Anna

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